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It is easy to sit up and take notice. What is difficult is getting up and taking action.
- Al Batt

Political Philosophy and Proposed Policy Changes

Tallahassee citizens have grown complacent over the last decade and we were willing to allow our city government to function on its own. We are now faced with a government that is bloated, wasteful with our tax monies, unresponsive to its citizens and have acquired a sense of entitlement. We are responsible for the arrogance of our City Commissioners, their unresponsiveness to our needs, and their raiding our public funds for their personal financial gain.

At this time in Tallahassee’s history we need a person who is truly willing to serve the people’s interest. We need a public servant - Not a self servant. We need a representative of the people who will be held accountable to the people.

The older I get the more I’m convinced that the best government is one that has the least impact on my family, my business, my community, and my individual labor. In those limited cases where government regulation is needed, let’s insure that we impose the least amount of regulation to fix a specific problem. Let’s always be concerned about potential unintended consequences from government intervention.

I believe Tallahassee citizens are yearning to be free of over regulation and over taxation. They are opposed to social engineering and environmental hysteria. They are committed to protecting our environment and providing thoughtful stewardship. Success and prosperity builds on itself. Abraham Lincoln said "Property is the fruit of labor. Property is desirable. It is a positive good in the world. Let not him who is homeless pull down the house of another but let him work diligently and build one for himself."

Tallahassee citizens are incredibly caring, giving and supportive of those individuals and families who are truly in need. However, we will expect these individuals to work equally as hard to secure a prosperous future for themselves.

As Tallahassee citizens, we should protect the independence and freedom that we enjoy. City government should be a partner with business. The creation of jobs can only occur in a healthy business environment. We should also work diligently to create incentives and opportunities so all citizens can prosper.

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.
- Thomas Jefferson