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Misdeed by Mayor John Marks

In the Beginning

My concern regarding ethical practices of members of our City Commission began when I learned that the City was going to build a bio mass plant on FSU campus. I learned that Commissioner Alan Katz was being paid by BGE at the same time he was voting to give them a city contract.

Later, I learned that Sean Pittman, the Mayor’s campaign manager and all around “bag man”, was hired to represent the City on statewide issues. How could this be? The campaign manager gets a contract to represent John Marks personally and after the election receives a contract from Mayor Marks to represent the city.

It even gets worse. Sean Pittman represents several city contractors against the city while at the same time he is being paid to represent the city. These companies include LLT Developments, Inc., (water treatment plant); Reynolds, Smith and Hills, (Tallahassee airport); Sandco Inc. (Gaines Street and Mayhan Dr.); Ron Book and Associates, PA. Sean Pittman has also represented Tallahassee City Commissioner Andrew Gillum. Sean is getting paid by the City and representing contractors against the city!

I ran for city commission to expose city officials who were engaged in these self-serving contracts. Since the campaign, I have I continued my mission to expose those who would steal assets from the city treasury. I have been sharing information with the FBI since February 2011 and have filed complaints with the Florida Commission on Ethics, and Florida Bar.

Alliance for Digital Equality (ADE)

The Mayor’s office submitted a proposal to the Federal Department of Commerce for 1.2 million dollars to give broadband services to families on the south side of Tallahassee. The Mayor agreed to give $761,609 to a non-profit group called ADE. The Mayor signed a federal document stating that he had no financial relationship with ADE and that all subcontract would be bid. The truth is that the Mayor was paid $86,000 to be on the ADE board and none of the subcontracts were bid! Furthermore, out of the 2.4 million dollars of revenue about $832,000 went to the Chairman of ADE, his wife, our mayor and Art Collins, who was a Sr. Political Advisor to the Obama Administration and member of the Obama transition team and 18 other paid advisors. On September 7, 2011 the Mayor asks the city to return the $1.2 million because it will be “nearly impossible” to meet the grant deadlines.

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In 2003 the City of Tallahassee (COT) paid Honeywell $302,998 in contracts. On June 1, 2004 Mayor Marks joined the Adorno-Yoss law firm and was paid $150,000 per year for this part time job. Adorno-Yoss law firm represents Honeywell. On September 22, 2004 the Mayor abstained on voting to give Honeywell a contract because Honeywell retained his law firm. The other four commissioners voted to give Honeywell the money. On March 28, 2007 the Mayor ignored his conflict and voted to give approximately $40,000,000 in a no bid contract to Honeywell. Why did the Mayor vote this time? Because Commissioner Katz refused to vote because his firm worked for Honeywell and Commissioner Lightsey voted against it because they were not being bid. Therefore, the only way Honeywell would get the contract is if the Mayor voted – and he ignored his conflict and voted. All other commissioners remained silent. Since 2004, the Mayor has directed approximately $52,000,000 to Honeywell and John Marks has received approximately $900,000 from Honeywell’s law firm, Adorno-Yoss!

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On April 14, 2008 Mayor Marks stated in writing that AT&T retains him for legal services. In late June 2009, two of the Mayor’s staff contacted the Tallahassee Housing Authority Director to encourage her to select AT&T for the agencies broadband services. When I presented this information to the Mayor he denied ever having an employee named Alie Steele, and he publically called me a liar during the televised city commission meeting. When the Mayor was confronted with the facts by a newspaper reported he said, “Oh, I must have misspoke”. The cost for services from AT&T was about $200 per door while the competitor, Embark, was significantly less (about $50 per door). Director Cromartie notified the Mayor’s office that she would not grant a contract without seeking other bids.

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A couple weeks ago I submitted a public information request to the City asking about KMR Consultants, LLC. In response I received a letter from Mayor Marks attorney, Berry Richard, threatening to take legal action against me if I go public with the KMR information, or if I contact the FBI, Florida Bar, or Florida Ethics Commission.

I responded to this letter during the September 7, 2011 televised city commission meeting. I told Mr. Marks that he does not have enough money to buy my silence and his attempt to conceal the facts about KMR by intimidating and threatening me only shows how desperate and truly corrupt he is. In addition such action is in itself, I’ve been told, a violation of federal law. "Go ahead and sue me, the facts will protect me and destroy you."

John Marks has been advertising himself as Mayor of Tallahassee and Executive President for eight years. Mayor Marks’ has stated that he has not received any financial benefit from his association with KMR. Mayor Marks has also said he received no financial benefit from the $100,000 in deferred comp that he voted for and now sits in his private retirement account.


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