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2009 Documents & Videos

  • Dec

    City Commission Presentation

    Video - Jackson reveals retirement benefit for ex Commissioner Katz based on salary of $58,000. He asks Commission "How can a Commissioner retirement benefit be based on a $58,000 salary when the City Charter caps their salary at $36,000?" Total amount taken from City Treasury totals $470,734 as of November 20th, 2009.

    Document - City Commission Presentation where Erwin reveals "Retirement Benefit Calculation Chart" which confirmed ex Commissioner Alan Katz’s salary for the past three years ranged between $56,318 to $59,792. The questions that must be answered is "How can a City Commissioner receive retirement income based on %59,792 when his salary is capped at $36,000?"

  • Nov

    City Commissioners: Who are they serving?

    Document - This article was printed in the December 2 issue of the Tallahassee Democrat. Erwin takes the reader from the initial vote on April 13, 2005, and explains the $22,000 money grab plus the 114% increase in retirement benefits that resulted from this single action ($16,200 increased to $34,800 annual retirement).

  • Nov

    Political Corruption: Illegal or Just Offensively Self Serving.

    Document - Our City Commissioner have established an all time low standard for public service – barely legal. A recent ruling in Circuit Court concluded that a politician’s actions might be wrong, unethical and a breach of public trust but not illegal!

  • Nov

    "Deferred Compensation Challenged."

    Document - A candidate for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 5, Erwin Jackson claims the commissioner’s deferred compensation may be illegal. But the city attorney says he fully investigated the issue before it was approved.

  • Nov

    "Golden Benefit Package for Mayor Marks"

    Document - Even though the City Charter established the Mayor’s salary at $72,010 he actually receives much more. A review of the City budget by Erwin Jackson revealed that the Mayor receives over $122,500. The $50,000 golden benefit package includes health benefits, pension, annuity plan, benefit allowance, deferred compensation and more!

  • Nov

    City Commissioners’ $22,000 money grab!

    Document - Illegal or just offensively self serving. Presentation before City Commission, November 10, 2009. Jackson reports that a 61% pay raise was hidden from the public in a vote that contained several related issues and more recently disguised as "deferred compensation."

  • Nov

    Erwin Jackson seeks Seat 5 on City Commission

    Video - Jackson announces his candidacy for City Commission Seat 5. This seat previously held by ex Commissioner Katz who resigned and commission appointed his friend Gil Ziffer.

    Document - Erwin Jackson announces candidacy for City Commission Seat 5. Jackson promises to increase jobs and lower utility rates and property taxes; wasteful spending and commissioners misuse of their public office must stop. City Commission has been operating as a private club for too long and membership must change.

  • Oct

    City Commission Meeting

    Video - Jackson responds to Commissioners Gillum’s claim that facts presented were "unsubstantiated and full of falsehoods". Jackson demands public apology for city employees and himself. Mayor’s $50,000 golden benefit package revealed.

  • Oct

    The Stolen Election!

    Document - The day Tallahassee lost its right to vote. The truth about the anointment of Gil Ziffer. City Commissioners gift Seat 5 to Gil Ziffer, long time personal friend of Ex Commissioner Allan Katz.

  • Aug

    "Residents question deferred pay for officials."

    Document - Commissioner Mark Mustian said "I wasn’t comfortable with it (the additional money) because we’re voting to essentially raise our own compensation, and I wasn’t comfortable in doing that." Tallahassee Democrat. You’re absolutely correct Commissioner Mustian – Erwin Jackson.

  • Aug

    Letter to the City Manager

    Document - Erwin’s letter to City Manager Anita Thompson requesting that Ex Commissioner Alan Katz "deferred comp" account be frozen and that the City seek a legal opinion from the Attorney.